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My current top thirtyfive of the daily collages: (click on any picture to see slide show with larger versions)

Latest project: daily collages

This project, started 2009 december 15, consists of making a digital collage daily. There are some rules I set out for myself (see below). Some are proposals/sketches for future paintings, some are graphic designs, some are plain jokes.

Rule 1: Make one collage/drawing everyday. (some cheating is allowed, and well, yes, there's a slight gap between july 10 and november14 of 2009.) Circumstances. Things.
Rule 2: Spend between 30 and 90 minutes on one collage.
Rule 3: Anything possible with photoshop is allowed which includes using other peoples photographs/newspaperscans etc.
Rule 4: In both content and form more than three layers are obligatory.
Rule 5: The more I make use of my own drawings, photographs etc., the better.

Prices and ordering

These images are available in a printed, signed, stamped, version. Number of prints will be limited to 1. Price of one print on high quality A3 size paper is € 95,-, postage and packaging (carton tube) included. For more information on ordering, send a mail to: or call 06-42163847.

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Here are flash movie slide shows (3Mb) of work from
april 2010,
march 2010,
februari 2010,
january 2010,
december 2009,
november 2009,
july 2009,
june 2009,
may 2009,
april 2009,
march 2009
february 2009
january 2009
december 2008
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Photographs: The Doors 2009-2010

I'm also toying with animated gifs and here are some examples:

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